Things You Need to Know to Find a Good College Essay Example in No Time

The essay portion of any college or university application can draw fear and even loathing in students from every walk of life. It brings out the questions of, What topic do I choose? How can I stand out from the other applicants? Where do I even begin? These questions are all very legitimate and also very important. But before you can begin the writing process, you may want to check out some quality samples of winning essays to help you gain some knowledge into what works and what the administration is really searching for in a quality paper. Follow these helpful tips for finding a good college essay example in no time.

The World Wide Web

The digital age has made finding anything we want as easy as typing the request into a search engine, but how do you narrow down the thousands of options that are presented to you?

Start by narrowing down your field of choice; type in your specific college or university name, followed by winning essays, for example, Harvard winning essays. From here your search will lead you to some online examples of the best essays these campuses have received. Some sites will even take you through a critique of essays from the beginning to the end. Read through these examples to get a feel for what this college deemed as a winner.

Get Personal

Never underestimate the personal touch when it comes to finding what you need. Professors, alumni, principles and even parents may have the key to what you are looking for. Ask these people to share their own essays that got them into college and pick their brain about how they felt, what worked for them and what didn't. Most people are happy to share their past experiences to help you meet your goals

Unfortunately, there is no magic potion that can do the essay for you, but with a little research you can write your own winning paper. In addition, remember the most important thing is to give yourself enough time to do the legwork you need, whether it be finding the "perfect" formula, picking someone's brain or putting it all down on paper, allowing yourself the time to feel comfortable with your chosen topic and laying it out beforehand will go a long way in writing the essay that gets you accepted.