Gaza And Israel

Gaza and Israel had been in conflict for quite some time now. The conflict between the two is a result of the wider Palestinian- Israeli conflict. During the 2005 elections, the Palestinian militant actions increased along the Gaza strip following the overwhelming election to the Islamic political party Hamas. The conflict reached new heights with the split in the Palestinian Authority with one in support of either Fatah government in the West Bank and Hamas rule in Gaza. Following Fatah government being ousted Palestinian attacked Israel by use of rockets. The conflict has been exacerbated by the joint Egyptian- Israeli blockade of Gaza. Israel has taken full control of Gaza except Egyptian border that are monitored by European monitors. Israel largely controls and provides for Gaza with water, electricity and communication infrastructures. In the meanwhile, the Fatah government in the West Bank is the officially recognized representatives of the state of Palestine and exclaims that the Gaza strip is part of Palestine states but do not interfere with the conflict between Hamas government of Gaza with the Israel.

Israel- Gaza barrier

The Gaza Strip and Israel have been separated from each other by use of a barrier since 1996 and has assisted in reducing Israel infiltration by the Gaza people. Since the start of the second intifada, people from Gaza are not allowed to enter and work in Israel. Also, the special permits that were used for medical purposes have been reduced significantly making it a big deal for a Palestinian to travel. The barrier began to be constructed by 1994 after several interventions by Yitzhak Rabin, but it was mainly a wire fence with sensors mounted on it. But following the attack on Bet Lid, Yitzhak specified new Israeli meaning of separation by claiming they are fighting terrorism.

Second Intifada

According to many Palestinians, an intifada is a form of struggle for national liberation against the occupation of Israeli since the 1967 war while the Israelis consider intifada to be a terrorist campaign. Palestinians have used various tactics that include general strikes and mass protests, mounting attacks by suicide bombs and use of rockets in Israeli residential places. Israeli on the other hand has conducted mass arrests and lock up of Palestinians by use of checkpoints. The Israeli- Gaza barrier and West Bank barrier have been used to perform assassinations of leaders and militants of the Palestinian organizations. Israel has been in negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas since the 2006 election but has also been bombing and attacking Hamas militants and activists even their elected politicians.