A list of the best informative expository essay topics

Expository essays are set at a lot of levels of education and are those that use facts, rather than opinions, to explain a subject. These are a popular type of academic text, but there are still plenty of interesting and unique topics to be tackled. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Explain why drug rehabilitation sometimes doesn’t work
  2. The way that, for example, Britain and America deal with the growing drug problem is not actually helping matters. Why is this? Is there one particular reason, or is there a multitude? What are the key causes of reoffending?

  3. How does divorce affect children?
  4. It is well known and researched that divorce can affect children very badly. But how does it happen, and why? What are the key reasons that divorce - particularly acrimonious divorce - so badly affects children? Explore how it affects different ages of children.

  5. Why do people commit suicide?
  6. This is a really difficult but interesting question because there are different reasons for everyone: everyone who commits suicide is an individual with individual problems. Can you identify some common factors that drive people to suicide? Perhaps explore the reasons depending on different ages.

  7. Why do people do drug?
  8. There are particular and individual reasons for people doing drugs. However, like suicide (see above), for each person there can be a different cocktail of reasons that they start to take heroin or smoking marijuana. Try to identify some common reasons that cause people to start taking drugs. Is there actually a single underlying reason?

  9. Explain why education is important.
  10. Education is important. That is a fact that is universally recognised, especially by those that do not have access to it. But why is it important? What does education give us? What benefits do those who have had access to education have over those who have not had access to education? Note: education does not here refer to academia. Remember that these are two different things!

  11. Why do people need to work?
  12. There are several ways to interpret this question, and any one of them is valid. It can refer to people needing to work in order for society to work. For instance, if no one drove the trains or busses, cities would grind to a halt, and some people would not be able to get to work. It could also refer to people needing to work in order not to be bored and depressed. Both are very interesting approaches!