Getting Excellent Position Essay Examples: A Quick Guide

In a position paper, students must make an argument. They are given a topic and must pick a side. To support their position, the student may use facts, personal opinions or other data. The best papers will use research to support a viewpoint. With time and effort, students can ensure that they write the best possible essay.

Choosing a Topic

A topic may be assigned in class or the teacher may leave the topic choice up to the student. If the student is able to choose a topic, they should pick something that they have a strong personal belief about. Strong feelings about the topic will make the student's writing heartfelt and vivid. Before writing about the topic, students should try to argue for the opposing side. This will help them spot potential flaws in their argument. It will also give the student a better understanding of their own beliefs.

Starting Research

Once the student has chosen a topic, they are ready to begin the research process. Initial research will help the student to figure out if they can actually write the paper. Ideally, the student will collect information from government and educational sites. They will want to use research studies and statistics to back up their opinion.

Designing an Outline

The next step in the writing process is to build an outline. Students should create a thesis statement that reflects their opinion. The conclusion will basically restate the thesis and summarize the argument. In between these paragraphs, students will use research to support their thesis.

Getting an Example

Essay websites, libraries and other students are great sources of example papers. Students can use the Internet to locate a topic that they care about. Before choosing a topic, students should read through the prompt. The essay's prompt provides the guidelines that the document will be graded on. Students must make sure that their essay topic conforms to all of the teacher's guidelines.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for students to find a topic that they enjoy. Students who need new ideas can read through the following examples of position essay topics.

  1. Genetically modified foods should be labeled.
  2. Zoos violate the rights of the confined animals.
  3. Fighting terrorism through war only creates more terrorists.
  4. Seat belt laws had the unintended consequence of increasing the number of car accidents.
  5. Major corporations should pay more taxes than average citizens.
  6. College education is not required to succeed in life.