Creating A Correct Mla Format Literary Essay

The MLA format is the most widely used format in English language, whether you are using it for writing essays, your research paper or thesis. Following the MLA format may seem like rocket science, but it’s not that hard if you keep these points in mind.

  • Margins: The margins on the paper should be 1” from all sides. This property comes already with MS-word under Page Layout>Orientation>Margins>Normal.
  • Fonts: The MLA handbook for writers of Research paper suggests that the font should be easily readable. Choose times new roman or Arial or Calibri, but there is no obligation.
  • Header: The header is mentioned in the upper right corner of the page and it goes with every page. It comes in handy when you’re writing a dissertation or thesis. The header includes your last name followed by the page number. The header tag starts at the end of the 1” marker on the right end.
  • Spacing: While writing an essay in MLA format, we always use double spacing between lines and no space is left after every paragraph. The text is also left aligned in the document.
  • Upper Body: First of all, you have to type in your full name and your teacher’s name after the double space (already configured). After that, you have to write the name of the course in the next line like humanities or whatever the name of your subject is. And you write the current date in the next line.
  • Title: For the title of the essay, hit double space two times after the date and center align your page. If the title has two parts, separate the title with a colon. Also capitalize all the words in your title, except articles, prepositions and coordinating the conjunctions. Don’t underline, boldface or use all caps for your title.
  • Body: Indent your text 1/2 inch and then start writing. Don’t use Enter unless you want to start the new paragraph. The Word automatically does the indentation for the next paragraph. For quotations you have to indent 1 inch more than the usual 1/2 inch and center align the text. Also, you don’t have to put the quote marks in the quotation text and don’t boldface it.
  • End: At the end of the essay, you have to use the page break function. And on the next page “Works cited” is written in a simple manner without any modification. Not even the quote marks. Make sure to hire a professional to proofread my paper after finishing your writing to eliminate mistakes and polish your written piece.