History Of Technology: Glassblowing

Glass blowing was a technique of glass making which involved inflation of the glass that was first molten into a bubble. This was done with the aid and help of a blow tube. Others called it a blow pipe. In the process of glassblowing, the thinner glass layers were quicker to cool than those that are thicker or less thin. The viscosity properties enhance this. This enabled those using the technologies to make glass that was uniform in thickness and of good quality. The development of this technology was a major improvement and marked a significant step for those who used the technology ahead of those who did not. The technology was secretive at first as not many people knew about it. There were restrictions on the utilization of the technology in many parts where it was used.

Invention of Glass blowing Technology

The invention of the technology of glass blowing mainly coincided with the coming up of the Roman Empire in Rome. This was in the 1st century BC. The establishment of this empire was essential in aiding the spread of this technology at this time. The spread of this technology became dominant in the area. However during this period, the people in the empire of Rome were not practicing using the technology. The governance and leadership in the Roman Empire were in support of the technology of glass blowing though the people of Rome were not in the trade of Glass Blowing. There were very many workshops that were built on the borders of this empire. Lebanon Cyprus and Israel were some of those parts of the border that were practicing the trade and the technology of glass blowing. In the 3rd Century AD Roman Empire now engaged in the practice of Glass blowing. Western Italy started practicing the technique of glassblowing in the 1st century AD. Many workshops were introduced in different areas, and this helped in the spread of the knowledge of the use of this technology at various parts of the world. Traders also took the products out of these areas to the people.

Benefits of Glass Blowing Technology

Trade in products was started. The products were jars that were decorated differently, bowls, bikers, and bottles. All these were of different designs and colors. This was a significant development in the artwork. Beauty was thus expressed in products of glass blowing. The culture was also preserved and shared among the people.