Where To Get Expository Essay Examples For High School

So you have to write an expository essay for high school and you are wondering, what is an expository paper anyway? Expository writing is a type of writing, which informs the reader about a specific essay without trying to expound or formulate any of your own conclusions about the information. So, this is one of the easier essays to write. You are not being asked to include your own opinions on the topic but simply inform the reader about one specific topic.

The purpose of expository writing is to explain their subject or topic in a very straightforward manner that is completely based upon facts – not opinions and with no references to the writer’s feelings about the topic. For example, in an expository paper on the assassination of John F, Kennedy, you would be expected to provide an opinion-less, straightforward account of what fact tells us of that fateful day in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963.

How Expository Essays Differ From Other Papers You Might Have Had to Write

A typical expository paper prompt will ask you to explain or define something – for example, you might be asked to use evidence to explain how computers enhance learning in the high school classroom. In this case, you would research studies which show how computers enhance learning and to weave these facts into your paper and cite them correctly, presenting all information in a very factual and straightforward manner.

Now typically, in a college English course, you might be asked to write n essay arguing that computers do or do not enhance writing or learning. In an expository essay, however, you would not argue that computers enhance learning—you would simply factually present evidence supporting the position that computers enhance learning, weaving in research that supports that hypothesis.

Using Expository Essays as Models

One of the best ways to clear up any confusion you may have about writing expository papers is to view the writings of other students or teachers who have written essays specifically for you to use as models. Watch how the writer structures and writes the paper, paying specific attention to the straight-forward factual point of view of the paper, so you can model the tone of your paper on theirs.

Also, pay attention to how the writer structures the paper, paying particular attention to the introduction and thesis statement of the paper as well as the body paragraphs of evidence and the concluding paragraph.