How I Wrote A Winning Essay About My Strengths And Weaknesses

For those students who are having difficulty writing essay about their strengths and weaknesses, deciding on where they can get assistance can be a challenging moment. The good news is that there are many available opportunities because those want to write any type of essay in any format can get ready help online.

The first thing to note about this type of essay is that it describes personality, and thus should be written with the perception of other readers, in mind. Reading about the obvious weaknesses and strengths of another person is boring. To ensure that it makes sense, and is of interest to the reader, make it humorous and informative.

The following are some simple tips that will go a long way in helping you write an exemplary essay about yourself, and score high grades.

  • Think about what to write on:
  • When told to write about your weaknesses and strength, you may be tempted to put down everything that comes in to your mind. However, this is wrong. You should write with the target audience in mind. Will it be of importance or relevance to the readers? This is the question you should ask yourself.

  • Developing proper outline:
  • Once you have developed ideas on what to write about in the essay about your weaknesses and strengths, put them down on paper. This will ensure that you do not forget any point while writing the draft essay. An essay outline need not follow any format. It is just a document or some short notes somewhere to guide you on what to focus on.

  • Reading samples and examples online:
  • There are many examples and samples of essay about strengths and weaknesses online. Go through them and take note of content that must be included in the top rated essays. You can get these samples at many sites, especially the professional colleges and educational websites. You will be able to read many of these essays in different formats. From the ideas of other writers, you will be able to get insight on what you can write about, and what to include in the content.

  • Ensure structure and grammar is right:
  • An essay can only be award winning it scores 100% on the aspects of grammar and structure. Ensure that you write according to your most preferred style, which could be APA or MLA. Also ensure that you run it through online plagiarism check tools, and ensure that it is original and authentic, and its content is not same or similar to any other.