Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an American romantic science-fiction play of 2004. It is about an alienated couple who get one another erased from their minds. Written by Charlie Kaufman together with Michel Gondry as the director, the drama film makes use of science fiction elements, psychological thrills and a non-linear narrative to highlight the functioning of memory as well as romantic love. The drama film is praised for the manner in which it was written and acted. It takes a more sophisticated yet easy to understand style that combines both science and fiction to bring out the themes that needed communication through it.

In the play, Joel Barish is emotionally withdrawn while Clementine Kruczynski has an unrestrained free spirit. They strike a relationship that would be on a Long Island Rail Road training travelling from Montauk, New York. These two are almost getting into love with one another despite having totally dissimilar personalities. Even though they do not seem to realize this in one time, the two are actually former lovers but have now separated after they had two years of being together. Following a fight, Clementine engages the New York City firm Lacuna, Inc. to delete all memories in her mind concerning the relationship. Joel later finds out what happened and he becomes very devastated and makes a decision to go through the process by himself, a procedure that occurs while asleep.

A better part of the film occurs in the mind of Joel. While his memories are getting erased, he endeavors to avoid the effects that come with the erasing by hiding Clementine in isolated parts of his lifeless. Joel lands himself in a scenario where he revisits all in reverse. Looking at the happier moments of love with Clementine stemming from the relationship that they had initially, Joel struggled to reserve at least some of her memory and the love he has for her. Regardless of the efforts he took, the memories get erased gradually, with the final memory of Clementine telling Joel to meet her in the Montauk.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a high classic drama film founded on deep and intriguing themes of romance manipulated through science. It engages the audience and they cannot wait to see how things unfold. There is a lot of suspense and thrilling moments that cover the events that develop the entire plot in the drama. Both the main actors are able to start all over again in their relationship.