Writing a Great Persuasive Paper: a List of Essay Topics

Probably the half of the success of your paper depends on the topic you choose. If you go to the wrong direction from the very beginning, it’s very hard to come to the right place. Moreover, the topic is the first thing your professor will look at in your paper and the first thing that will form his opinion about you. This is especially valuable for those huge classes with several dozens of students, where the teacher does not get to know if not for your written assignments. Such teachers especially like to give you assignments on a free topic, first of all because they might get bored to read dozens of papers on the same topic, and because they want to see what you’re worth with their own eyes.

How shall a successful persuasive essay topic look?

As for everything, there are pretty strong requirement for the persuasive paper topics.

  • It has to have an opinion. You need to persuade people to follow your point of view, so the topic has to reflect that point of view.
  • Make sure the topic is debatable and the society does not have a certain opinion about it yet.
  • Make sure it’s relevant. What people might have cared a few years ago, is of no importance now.

Ideas for your persuasive paper.

Here is a list of topics that may push you in a right direction.

  1. A second language should be obligatory for learning in schools, depending on the national minority of a state.
  2. Students’ behavior in class and/or between classes should affect their grade for the class.
  3. Music with lyrics promoting violence and/or curse words should be accessible for children under 18 years old.
  4. Children under 12 years old shall not be allowed to create an account in social networks.
  5. Minors can be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages under the consent of their parents.
  6. A tax on imported production shall be introduced to support the domestic economy.
  7. Overweight passengers have to cover the cost for the additional seat on the plane/bus/train, if one is necessary.
  8. Visas and other travelling restrictions have to be cancelled, allowing a person to stay in a country under a week.
  9. Parents have to pass a series of tests, both psychological and physical to receive a permission to have a child.
  10. Religion classes have to be obligatory in high school.