The Impact Of Hip Hop Music

Introduction to Hip Hop Music

The origins of the Hip Hop culture date back to the early 60s, where the African American youth of New York City, residing in the South Bronx area basically invented this culture as an amalgamation of 4 basic components; rap music, DJing, b-boying, and Graffiti art. Although hip hop music has transformed over quite significantly over the years, these 4 components are at the heart of the hip hop culture.

DJ Kool Herc, referred to as the father of Hip Hop, used to mix up the original tracks with his own customized voices and shouts, giving music a whole new direction.

The Impact of Hip Hop Music

Since its very conception, hip hop music has been the reason behind myriads of controversies and disagreements. There are many who contend hip hop music to be a mere glorification of violence, and nothing more than misogyny. However, there are others who oppose this opinion, and consider hip hop music to be a voice for the unheard. Yet, the true impacts of hip hop music cannot be actualized by taking this debate, and can rather be realized by the increasing adaptation of this form of music across the globe.

One of the most pressing impacts of hip hop music is the power it holds to sway masses towards one particular belief or trend. A major example of this influence can be noted from the previous election in the United States where the Hip Hop community rallied in support of President Obama, and the rallying seems to have paid off well. Nevertheless, the biggest impact of hip hop music is no doubt its ability to bring masses of different ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds together.


Music has always played a central role in crafting beliefs, and serving as a voice for people’s emotions and expressions. Like the many forms of music, Hip Hop music has gained a wide acknowledgment throughout the globe, and has gained a significant level of attention from the youth belonging to various ethnicities and backgrounds. The biggest impact that hip hop music has is its ability to bring people together.