Raymond's Run

Raymond’s Run is a dramatic story written by Toni Cade Bambara featuring a little black American girl, Hazel “Squeaky” Parker, with a squeaky voice, skinny arms and a passion for athletics. Squeaky is the fastest person in her village, a fact that led other children to refer her as mercury. However, this is exception of her father who is the only person can beat squeaky in running.

The main character in the Raymond’s Run story, squeaky is given a responsibility to take care of her Raymond, her special ED brother. Squeaky is a serious athlete, scrawny and has a squeaky sound. In the story, squeaky changes into caring girl from her initial selfish and mean practices.

Squeak’s Selfish and Mean

Despite been scrawny, squeaky is very swift and believes she nobody can beat her in athletics. This is exhibited in the story when squeaky claims that no track that she cannot win the position medal. Squeaky also claims that, she would rather knock her competitor down and take her chances despite her squeaky voice and skinny arms. When squeaky heard that Gretchen planned to beat her in May Day Competition, she ridiculously exclaims that nobody can beat her in athletics.

Squeaky takes charge and defends her brother Raymond when people make fun of him. This is demonstrated when Gretchen’s fat pals makes fun on Raymond. Squeaky ridiculously tells him if he had anything to tell Raymond to speak it to her. Squeaky never allowed anybody to make fun or accuse her brother in her presence.

Squeak’s Turning Point

When squeaky was lining up during the May Day Competition, Squeaky notices her brother Raymond on the other side of the pitch lining up as well. After the race, squeaky discovered that her brother Raymond could as well develop into a professional athlete. Squeaky and Gretchen complimented each other for their good performance in the race. Squeaky as well discovered that Gretchen was a good athlete who she could corporate with to assist Raymond become a professional athlete.

Throughout the story Raymond’s run, the main character squeaky is subjected to changes from her mean and selfish to caring. In the beginning of the story, squeaky is portrayed as a very mean and selfish person. She feels that she is the only best runner and none could beat her in running. However, during the May Day Race, squeaky discovers that her brother Raymond and Gretchen are as well great athletes and friends.