How To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills: Solid Advice For Newbies

When you are a beginner or a rookie at any skill, you will need to know the tricks that will help you do to better at the skill. We have solid advice for newbies, so they can improve their writing skills.

Solid Advice for New Writers

  • Determine your specific skills-if you want to be better at anything, you need to figure out your weak links. This is the part where you are 100% honest with yourself, or you will never get better. Once you can see where you need help, then you can begin to remedy the problem.
  • Seek help for weaknesses-once you have been 100% honest with yourself concerning your skills, you then need to get help for the weak spots. Some ways you can do this is to work with a peer tutoring, join an online help center, work with your teacher, or hire a writing instructor. If you school is fortunate enough to have an on-campus writing lab, you will be pleased to know that you can get tons of assistance there.
  • Practice-any time you want to perfect a talent, you have to practice at that task. If you are struggling with making the thesis statement, then make ten. If the conclusion is difficult for you, then write five for the same topic. You will get better with practice.
  • Use a checklist-if you have a composition checklist beside you as you compose the job will be easier. Writing checklists for you to use can be found online or you can create your own. A sample checklist may look like this-
    • Topic selection
    • Pick the main points
    • Write the thesis statement
    • Make an outline
    • Proof
    • Edit make a rough draft
    • Check for appropriate transitions
    • Add intext citations
    • Write the final
    • Proof
    • Edit
    • Create the reference sheet
  • Consider a template- a template is a model similar to an outline. You will take your information and fit it into the template. It is a great device for those who are completely lost in the composition process. The thing to remember is that you may have to modify it to fit your information. Templates for all styles of writing and prewriting documents can be found online. Just make sure that the one you select is formatted correctly.