American Women: Emancipations And Challenges

Women all over the world have become the subject of debate. In many parts of the world women are victims of male dominance, sexual oppression, educational deprivation and social inequality, all of which are generated from social rigidity against women. Women in United States enjoy much more freedom and independence than many in the world. They freely live their life with a sense of self -worth, respect and dignity. They have full rights to decide about their education, career and also about marriage. More and more women have taken on new responsibilities outside the home by joining the paid workforce. They have complete control of their life, both within and outside of their home and workplace. They are free to make their own choices and decisions. Women are also stepping up to lead the country.

But this scenario was not the same. For many years, American women have struggled and fought for their rights. In the last decade of nineteenth century, the most remarkable sociological change in the American history began. The large number of American women had entered into work force. Initially this dramatic change in the history was accompanied by great deal controversies. Slowly, attitudes toward working women began to change. The employment opportunities for women enlarged and women slowly started to gain their rights as full citizen, finally in 1920 they received the right to vote. As time progressed the attitudes of women in the work force also changed.

Women are important part of today’s American economy. They are now a part of every kind of profession i.e. administration, teaching, law. accounts, managers, writers, business leaders, politics, and so much more. Much of what has been accomplished in communities is because of active participation of women.

It is true that progress in terms of gender equality is uneven in America. There remain challenges on economic security, leadership, and health issues that make it harder for American women to have a fair shot at success. But still American women have made magnificent progress, they are better off today. The ratio of women at highest positions in America have increased tremendously in the last decade. These changes have led to an increased sense of self-esteem among the women, who now have greater confidence to speak and participate in the affairs of the cooperatives. Equality between men and women has not been an easy road to travel. It has not ended yet. Each little stride that is taken is one step closer to a better world for women - of today and of the future.