5 Easy Steps To A Strong Essay


When you find yourself in a higher level educational institution, you suddenly realize that the whole world of academic achievements is now ahead of you. However sad it may sound for some of us, this world often dwells on tons of different written assignments. You will write on different subject and topics, in different lengths, formats and paper types. Moreover, this world, as any other, has its rules and regulations and you have to truly master them to have your writing style liked by professors you meet along the way. Let’s take the baby steps into the world of academic writing!

Understand your assignment.

The misunderstanding of the topic or type of assignment must be one of the common problems, leading the beginner writers to loss of points. First of all, you need to not only write down the topic of the essay carefully, but to listen to everything your professor says about it – there can be some important clues to success. Second, make sure you understand the type of essay that is expected from you – it will determine the whole process of writing.

There are 4 common essay types:

  1. Expository essay.
  2. Persuasive essay.
  3. Analytical essay.
  4. Argumentative essay.

If the essay type is not specifically mentioned and you have doubts about it, don’t hesitate to ask your professor – they usually are open for questions and clarifications.

Study your topic.

Now that you are certain in what your essay is going to be about, do a deep research on the topic. Go to the library and check the articles and books that cover the topic. You may not use all of them when actually writing the paper, but you will be able to see different perspectives on covering the topic and choose the one you can really relate to – personal opinion usually plays a big role. Make sure that you know everything there is about your small field of research and be ready to answer questions based on your paper.

Write academically.


When you have all the necessary materials and can actually start writing, you have to make sure you use proper language all the time. It will be quite different from your usual blogging or story writing. Read academic literature on the topic to enrich your vocabulary. Try to compare passages of your writing to some articles and find out what differs. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes at first, you are still learning, after all, but do your best to at least understand what type of writing is needed from you at the moment.

Know your sources.

One thing that is for sure not accepted at any college or university is plagiarism. If you make somebody’s thought look like your own – even accidentally – it can cause you very serious problems. To avoid this, make sure to note interesting thoughts and their author while you are still researching the subject. If you are not sure about where this thought comes from, avoid using it in your paper. Study the citation style required from you in the paper and cite each and every source of information accordingly.

Proofread your work.


At first it will be hard for you what you need right away. This is why you will need to revise the paper several times, even if it seems finished to you. When you are done with writing, put your paper aside for a few hours and then read it again very carefully. Correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Check if you have proper transitions between paragraphs and parts of paper. Make sure your paper stays strictly on the topic and covers all the aspects of the assignment.

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