7 tips for creating an effective conclusion for an explanatory essay

An exploratory essay is one that asks a question and then you would gather information that would answer it. The point however is not to find a definitive answer to the question but rather to gather the information that you can find on the subject and present it to your audience. An essay starts out general and then becomes more specific and end general again. You will want to include much of the information that is in the introduction in the conclusion as well.

You should restate your thesis and touch on the main points of your paper. There are some very easy tips to consider when you are writing your conclusion for your essay.

  1. Don’t lose focus
  2. Don’t lose focus on your goal which is to prove your thesis statement. You want to make sure that you touch on these concepts again and restate your thesis statement.

  3. Don’t present new information
  4. You have to make sure that you don’t present any new information in the conclusion. This is not the place for new information. Your conclusion should touch on the subjects that you have already discussed and reiterate those concepts.

  5. Don’t just rewrite your thesis
  6. Don’t make the mistake of doing a copy and paste of your thesis statement. You need to touch on the concepts in a new and unique way.

  7. Keep it short and simple
  8. Even if you are writing a ten page paper, you will only need a one paragraph conclusion. It doesn’t have to be very involved.

  9. Don’t throw it together to get your paper done
  10. You want to write a powerful conclusion so that all of your hard work doesn’t go down the drain.

  11. Keep it interesting
  12. If you found a really interesting fact, that relates to your topic and would enhance it but it didn’t quite fit into your paper because it takes it in a different direction, this is a great quote for the conclusion. It will leave your reader thinking.

  13. Make sure it enhances the paper
  14. The conclusion should add value to the paper. It is your lasting impression. Take your time and make it good. I know that when you get to this part, you just want to rewrite your thesis and hand it in but take time on this paragraph as well because if you fail this part of the paper, you fail the entire paper.