Jewish Education

The Jewish communities have a lot of emphasis on education. This is since the Biblical times. Education is an aspect that is highly valued in the Jewish Communities. The main aim initially of Jewish Education was to inculcate values and religious teachings to all. This was a process from that begun with the education of the children in the Jewish communities and cultures. It was a requirement for parents to begin teaching their children when they were young to ensure that they did not sway away from the Jewish religious teachings in their older ages. Jewish Education for young ones thus started at homes. Parents were to offer guidance and instructions to their children to ensure correct child upbringing as required in the Jewish teachings. When schools were started, education was a must and compulsory for all in the Jewish Communities. In Jewish Education, there was a requirement for assistance offering among the students. The younger students approached older students for assistance. The older children offered their assistance where they could. In Jewish Education System, schools were built close or next to the synagogues, their places of worship.

Jewish Schools

Most Jewish schools were built near or next to synagogues. Germany had the first Jewish school. The need for the Jewish schools was to counter the increase in the secular teachings of that period. The building of schools saw the shift of teaching from a social cultural and the religious requirement to a professional. Initially, only boys went to schools. Girls were almost illiterate as for them learning took place at home. The girls enrolled and joined schools as soon as education was made compulsory. In various colleges, Jewish Education was informally organized with the aid of organizations that supported Jewish Education. There was the development of the use of drama in Jewish Education. The use of drama was to dramatize required practices and also occupy students with positivity in the mind. Sports were also integrated in Jewish Education system.

How Jewish Education Countered Secularism

Jewish Education was against secularism. There were thus various efforts to curb and prevent secularism in Jewish communities. The requirement for parents to advice provide instructions and guide their children was one of the efforts geared towards preventing secularism. Construction and building of schools was also an effort to fight secularism in the Jewish communities. The location of schools close to or next to synagogues was another way. Jewish Education also incorporated sports and drama to help the students keep of secularism.