The Porsche Company has been built upon a principle of performance, efficiency, and technology. Since 1931, these principles have come through in a car that has become the dream of most boys and men. Porsche Ferry had a good reason for building this car and it’s fair to say that he never dreamed it would become such a hit. The latest technology has always been implemented in these cars—which has then coming at a very high price. However, the Porsche Company has a philosophy of accessibility; aiming to make their cars available to those who think they cannot afford them.

Why Ferry Porsche built the first Porsche car

According to Porsche’s designer, the perfect car did not exist until it was built by him. This statement has been used as a marketing tool for the Porsche Company, but it is also a meaningful phrase that shows Ferry Porsche’s passion for cars.

Latest technology

In memory of its designer, Porsche manufacturers and designers make a point of creating cars that adhere to three main qualities. The first is that the cars are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The second is that the technology of the car is always cutting edge. The third is in the shape of the car, ensuring a sexy look as well as aerodynamic superiority.


There are more second hand Porsches available today than ever before. That is because Porsche have made an effort to make their cars more accessible to people who thought they could never afford one. These second hand cars are more affordable than most people perceive, and yet each car has maintained their high standards. The buyer will always get high value when purchasing a Porsche car—regardless of its age.

Porsche is not just a favourite because of its cars. The company itself lives by a philosophy of high performance in every aspect of the vehicle. They also believe that their cars should adhere to the latest technology and ensure that their cars are as environmentally friendly as can be. Porsche also believes that their cars should become available to more people, so that everyone can have the experience of driving the perfect car.