Three Different Ways To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay For University

In a compare and contrast essay, you have to analyze and present the differences and similarities of two different topics. You need to arrange the content in a suitable order and to find elements that are representative for each topic. It is recommended to find two different subjects that are similar to a few points, and that can be compared easily; for example, you can compare two books, but not a car and a book. As long as they have enough elements in common, you can write your content in easy way. Follow these guidelines to write an excellent paper:

  • As we said, when you chose the topic you have to make sure that they have something different and something in common. The similarities and differences need to be obvious so you will not waste hours searching for them.
  • Once you have the desired topics, it’s time to make research. In order to observe any similarity between the two, you need to have a substantial knowledge about each one of them. If possible, make all your research from books and not from the internet; books are always verified and proofread before being published, but anyone can post anything on the internet.
  • Make a list. To write your essay in the easy way you need to have a clear image of the ideas that you will integrate. The simplest way is to write on a separate paper the comparison and contrast elements; as you write, you can arrange them however you want.
  • Create a thesis statement. This needs to present your topics in clear and concise way, to mention why you compare them and to show not more than three differences and similarities. It is expected to not introduce unnecessary details in this part.
  • Write your essay. When you create the first draft, do not waste time correcting the content. You will have time for this later. Make sure that you mention in the body of your paper the similar elements between the two chosen topics. In the following paragraphs, you will indicate the differences and emphasize the relation between the two.
  • Edit and correct. This is the final step, and it should take much longer than anything else. You will modify the content, give it a beautiful shape, and when this is done, you will proofread it. The outcome should be error free and with a great structure.