Tragedy Of Macbeth

Macbeth is a story that is based on a true story. It was set in the Medieval Scotland setting. It starts with Macbeth as the king’s soldier. However, he visits some witches that tell him that he would become the king. There is, however, some part of the prophecy that tells Macbeth that his power will come from naming by the king himself. Macbeth gets so ambitious. Upon sharing the prophecy with his wife, she is filled with ambition too. She asks Macbeth to kill the king. Macbeth is hesitant. He does not want to commit a crime that will haunt him in future. He knows that even if it is not on Earth, he will be asked about it in heaven. However, his wife is very persistent and they both plot on killing the King. Macbeth leaves the wife guarding the guard’s bedroom and goes to the king’s bedroom and strangles him. When the murder is discovered, Macbeth takes it upon himself to eliminate any witness including his wife. The two sons of King flee the country for fear. Macbeth swears to avenge for the death of the king.

The Invincible Macbeth

Upon killing the king, Macbeth goes back to the three witches. The witches confirm that Macbeth will rule the land. They also add another prophecy that he will be a great ruler. He will be invisible and will not be defeated until his territory enlarges. They foretell that he will be very powerful until when he will encounter an enemy that is not born of woman. This made Macbeth arrogant. He went and sought to destroy Macduff, who has asserted him. He wants to destroy her children and especially Malcolm.

Macbeth Denounces the Final Prophecy

Towards the end of the film, Lady Macbeth remembers about the murder in her a dream while sleeping. They plan on an attack on Macbeth. When Macbeth is attacking, Macduff soldiers are approaching disguised and hiding behind tree branches. They later ambush Macbeth, who seems not worried about the ambush. However, as they continue to argue, Macduff says that she was born through caesarian section. This throws Macbeth into a great shock. This means that Macduff was part of the prophecy and was not born of woman. He remembers the prophecy. He is still not convinced and cries out in a loud voice to denounce the prophecy. It is however very late and they slayed him. Malcolm takes on as the king and is crowned.