A List Of Essential Words To Use In A Synthesis Essay

Not many students quite understand the process that is usually followed when writing the synthesis essay. For those that understand the process, they still face challenges, especially because most of the times they do not know the type of language they are supposed to use in the text. Here are some of the tips that can help you use the right language when you are writing this type of paper.

  • Quoting vs. paraphrasing
  • The general recommendation is that when you need to refer to information from the original source, you should take time and paraphrase as opposed t quoting parts of the original document. While doing the paraphrasing, you need to simplify the information being conveyed and make it easier for people to understand. In addition to this, in case you need to get and use further information from other sources, make sure that you cite these resources correctly. Do not make the mistake of paraphrasing information that isn’t found in the original article.

  • Formal Vs. informal
  • It is vital to understand that these papers are very serious academic documents. When you are writing down the paper, you should be as formal as possible. Avoid using words that are part of slang or the colloquial language. Also, even though at certain points it may seem appropriate to make use of humor and puns you should avoid it at all costs. Of course you do not need to be told that use of vulgar language will not reflect well on you and could prejudice the teacher who reads the essay against you.

  • The essential world list
  • There are certain words that when used in this type of paper, act as an indicator that you are trying to make sense of what a person meant when they were writing a piece. Some of these words include:

    • Deduce
    • Infer
    • Judge
    • Decide
    • Conjecture
    • Surmise
    • Extrapolate
    • Figure
    • Reckon

    These are just a few of the words that should be part of your writing. Of course there are people who will feel like the process of writing these papers is too challenging. The good news is that it is possible to go to this service and get professional assistance from expert writers. They will provide you with lists of the words that you should use, guide you through the writing process and ensure you create an award winning piece.