Evolution Of Police Vehicles

Ever since the ’police’ as a concept has been in force throughout countries of the world, they have needed vehicles to get them around. However, since the development of transport has been a multifaceted and interesting one from every perspective, it follows, too, that there are many different and fascinating twists and turns in the evolution of the types of vehicles used by the police throughout history.

When we first developed the concept of force, that was intended to keep law and order in the growing towns and cities throughout the world, it was known that these people would need ways to get around quickly and efficiently. Before cars, therefore, people would often use horses to get to crime sites and other places to perform their investigations. However, there were often problems with using horses, not least of which was that it was not possible to transport criminals on horses. Therefore, carriages were often used to get criminals from place to place.

With the advent of the bicycle, police transport changed once again. Now they were able to get around even quicker and not be bound by having to follow the roads that horses often had to follow. This revolutionized the force and made response times even quicker and more flexible. However, these could only be used for investigations where an arrest was not going to be made: carriages still had to be used for criminals to be taken to prison.

Finally, the car was the biggest change in the repertoire of vehicles at the disposal of the law enforcement force. Although it changed very often, after its development it was used as a welcome alternative to horse and carriages - although bikes were used alongside them for a time, and still are in countries such as Finland, for example. Cars were faster than horses and bicycles, and they could also transport criminals to and from different places. Since then, the types of cars that have been used by the police has changed but not quite as drastically.

With the advent of different, safer and faster vehicles, the modes of transport used by the police have changed quite drastically throughout history, and to the benefit of everyone. Now criminals can be easily collected and enforcement officers can get to crime scenes and other places easier and faster than they could in the past. This has revolutionised the way that the police work in all countries in the world.