Writing An Impressive Argumentative Essay Against Zoos

Argumentative essays can be used to defend topics that are meaningful to many people. One current controversial topic that can be helped with an argumentative paper is zoos. Many people find that keeping animals in unnatural, highly controlled habitats is cruel. The troubles with zoos is highly documented so students have plenty of reliable sources they can use to defend their positions. Here are some tips to craft an impressive persuasive paper about zoos:

  1. Craft a strong introductory paragraph. One of the best ways to prove your point is to get your reader’s attention right away. This means that you need to craft the most amazing hook. Since you are writing about zoos, there are plenty of quotes or statistics that you can use to get the reader’s attention. The next thing the introduction needs is a thorough connection between the hook and the thesis statement. It is also important to craft a thesis that clearly shows your opinion in an education and professional manner.
  2. Write body paragraphs that show intelligent support. After you have presented your thesis, you need to thoroughly defend your stance. The body paragraphs are where this happens. Each body paragraph needs to combine topic sentences that support the thesis. Then, the sentences that follow need to include facts from reliable sources to back up each topic sentence. In order to convince your readers that your opinion is valid, you need to include a large number of sentences in each paragraph. Those facts can include examples about the ways that zoos treat their animals.
  3. As a rule, it is best to include a factual statement for every opinion you include. Depending on your academic level, you should include anywhere from seven sentences to over fifteen in each body paragraph. Conclude the essay with power. The conclusion is the last chance that you show the reader what you think. When you craft the conclusion, you can write it in reverse order of the introduction. Start with a restatement of the thesis, but written in new words. Then, you restate the main ideas that you discussed in your strong body paragraphs, concentrating on the most important details you shared. Then, you close the essay with a powerful conclusion that calls the readers to action. Hopefully, they will want to do what you have suggested, proving that your paper was a success.