Early Childhood Education

There are certain skills which all children must learn at a very early age in order to give them a head start in life. Reading is perhaps the most important part of early learning because a child who can read will have a wide range of other options opened up to him or her. Logical skills are just as important and there are a number of mathematically-based games that can help children think critically. Speech is another skill that is just as important in a multicultural society. This essay will look at all three of these more closely.

Teaching children to read

Association between letters and pictures is an important part of teaching children how to read. Children learn not by understanding the definition of the words but by context. Parents are encouraged to read with their children from a young age. Children who start to read early often settle better when they do finally start school. These children tend to have more confidence and are more open to learn other things.

Teaching children mathematical thinking

Children are naturally curious. Give them a problem and see if they have the solution. Encouraging your child to do basic math teaches them problem solving skills. This develops their logic skills and sets a good foundation for them to handle things later in life without an extreme emotional reaction. This logical thinking also helps them to look for alternate solutions and not to just settle for the obvious way out.

Linguistic skills

Speech and pronunciation go hand-in-hand with reading. Having learnt words from reading books; the child will use these words to talk. This is the way a child communicates. Irrelevant of the age, it is important for the parent to correct words or pronunciation instantly while they still have their attention and willingness to learn. A child’s brain is amazing – it is also said that a child can learn more than one language from an early age.

Today’s children seem to be struggling with some of the basics. Starting educational learning at home at an early age is invaluable to the child. However, some still debate about what age one should start teaching their children. The feeling is that provided the child is interested and the learning can be turned into a game, they will learn. A firm education foundation has proven to be the best thing for children.